Weekend Recap

21 October 2013

First things first, have you ever had chocolate cream cheese icing? I mean... I don't know how I've gone my whole twenty-four years having never eaten this delicious, delicious sugary piece of heaven. The icing in question was eaten (and deeply enjoyed) this past Saturday when I went back home (two weeks in a row, huzzah!) for my uncle's birthday. Just before we ate heaven in chocolate form, we participated in my family's ago-old birthday tradition. Instead of singing "Happy Birthday" we sing "Oh Happy Day" a la Sister Act II. I'm always Whoopi.

Some other cool shtuff that happened:

I shared a bed with these cuties all weekend:

Also this amazing thing happened. Thank you Erin and Karly for opening my eyes to a new, better, burrito-bowl-filled life:

This might have also happened...

That was pretty much my weekend! How was your weekend?

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Odd One Out

1 comment :

  1. Red Velvet cupcake for breakfast?

    Well I'm jealous!


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