Making friends is hard

17 October 2013

When you've lived in the same city your whole life, I have found that you're always surrounded by friends. I mean, in my case, I've always had at least one friend around, either at work, school, church, whatever. Even those dreaded first days of school when you discover your best friend is in Mrs. Jones' class and you've been placed in Mr. Sherbourne's. There's always that one person you kind of know enough in your class to be friends with. I've basically had friends my whole life.

Now before you go all, "but Kate you still do have friends..." yes, this is true. I have some really great friends that I love dearly, back home. The thing is, being in another city, I don't really have anyone to spend time with (apart from Jess, but she's always at school). What's weird is that I've never found it hard to make friends, and I'm not sure if it's because of the city, or because I have a third eye I don't know about, but I just haven't really made any friends.
Alas, my nights are mostly spent alone, watching whatever is on TV. How boring. I live in one of the best metropolitan cities in North America, and I'm at home watching TLC marathons. No one told me it would be so hard to make friends, but it's a daunting task. I work with a company of about 70 people, and I'm the new kid on the block. Don't get me wrong, any one of those people should be so lucky to have me as a friend, but I just don't know where to start. I wish it were as easy at it was when we were younger, "Hi I'm Kate, I'm 24, want to be my friend?" Done.

I get all choked up and ramble on about nonsense and then I make a weird face, laugh and slap my knee. I'm not even kidding. I'm pretty sure most of my coworkers think I'm a total loon.

Basically me any time someone asks me a question at work.

Soooo I'm making (another) goal for myself. I'm going to make two new friends at work this month. Friends as in, exchange contacts or literally "friend" on Facebook. Something that solidifies that I've made a friend. Not a hard task. I'm making it happen.

It's time to get out there and meet some peeps!

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Odd One Out


  1. I totally can relate! Making friends in your mid 20's is really hard. It's like hey, I'm not crazy or anything, but do you want to hang out with me?

    Start with lunch with a co-worker and branch out from there. You're really awesome, and pretty soon the whole office will be trying to get on your social calendar.

  2. Making friends as an adult is really hard! I know exactly what you're talking about. I still haven't discovered the perfect solution.


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