Off the Grid

22 August 2013

Being in the middle of moving sucks. It really does. I’ve been going back and forth from my hometown to Toronto all month, anxiously awaiting the official “big move” (which happens next Friday, yay!). Anyways, there is a lot to do in preparation for moving, and as much as you can plan things out, (see my blog post about moving tips) sometimes things just happen that you couldn’t have anticipated, and it kind of takes you by surprise.

My plan has been a little complicated when it comes to the internet department. You see, here in my hometown I need to keep the internet up and running (for obvious reasons) before I officially make the move down the the big city. I had called my internet company (who for the sake of my gracious soul, and outstanding character I shall keep nameless) and arranged a transfer of service, so that I could seamlessly switch my internet without losing any of the glorious moments I spend on here. Unfortunately, the person I spoke to had not placed the correct date in. Instead of canceling my services here in my hometown on the 30th, they cancelled on the 20th. Leaving me without any internet. At. All. Now, instead of acknowledging their mistake and offering to send someone over immediately to fix their mistake they told me they wouldn’t be able to have anyone out until next week (even after speaking to multiple supervisors, and a good half hour of back-and-forth “yes, but--”) they even tried to throw a reconnection fee at me. No thanks. Thankfully another company stepped in and saved the day (this one deserves praise: thanks, Rogers) and said they could have someone out on Saturday to get me hooked up, offered to transfer my services, waived all the fees, AND just because I was clearly having a bad day, gave me some extra credit just because.

This all happened Tuesday night, fast forward to today, when I had the genius idea to unlock my phone, and call my internet provider to help me. “It’s really easy”, the agent said, “just plug your phone into iTunes, and the computer will do the rest”. Easy. Hah. I didn’t realize that I would need internet to actually restore my phone. Now, I don’t have internet so you see my dilemma. I was officially, off the grid. I felt as though the world had been raptured, and I was left behind. I quickly brainstormed my options to get my phone back, and thought, “someone has to have an open wifi connection in my building”. Wrong. Apparently people aren’t to keen on getting their internet stolen, not to say that I don’t blame them. My only option was to take the trek to the nearest wifi hotspot.

So here I am, sitting in Second Cup drinking a decaf soy caramel latte listening to two hippies play live music on a keyboard, sitar and maracas whilst I restore my phone (and share my misgivings of internet loss). What baffles me is how lost I felt for the two hours I was without my phone or internet. It’s funny how attached we become to things that were once privileges, not necessities. All that kept running through my mind during my 20 minute walk to Second Cup was “how am I going to tell Jess that I’ll be in the city Saturday,” or “how will I set my alarm for tomorrow morning so I can wash my hair?” All of this is so silly and it kind of put some perspective into my priorities. I like the technology, I really do. Sometimes I might even say I love it, I like that I can go online and be part of a community, I like using Facebook to talk to my family in Halifax, I like texting my friends, and tweeting about hippies in coffee shops, but is it really the end all be all in my life? Today it kind of felt like it. I had a mild panic attack because I felt like I had no outside contact with the world, but the reality is, millions of people can get by each day without it.

Think about it, how did our parents connect with friends when they were in their twenties, or our grandparents? It’s possible, we’ve just become so privileged to having access to everything at our fingertips that we feel like we “need” it. I’m not saying to go throw out your iPhone, and denounce technology in the name of simple living, but take a moment to go off the grid. It kind of feels nice. You realize the world is actually pretty stimulating without having to text your friends about what you’re doing this weekend, or Instagraming your food.

I'm a Katycat.

19 August 2013

I caved. Last week while I was sick with strep throat I was perusing through Netflix trying to figure out which RomCom I should watch when a recommended movie came across my screen. Why this movie was recommended, I don’t know since I’ve never watched any documentaries about musicians on Netflix, but Katy Perry: Part of Me was there, and I was willing; so I clicked it.

What I expected to see was a 2-hour music video. Over-done concert shots and interviews with Katy’s family and friends talking about how much she deserved her success-- nothing with substance. Instead what I found myself watching was a documentary on Katy, and though she has made a brand of herself now, it didn’t come without struggles. What’s more, is that in the midst of her most successful moment, she had to deal with heartbreak as she dealt with the divorce from her husband. I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed the movie. 

On top of that, I hadn’t really listened much to Katy’s music, but that week her new single, “Roar” was released, and well, I’ll let her words speak for themselves:

I have to say, over the last two weeks, I’ve become a fan of Katy. She’s actually a pretty cool gal, and her new song is outstanding. It’s so good, I’m even willing to forgive the fact that she’s dating my future husband.

What do you guys think about Katy Perry's new single?


Another Oscars Update.

17 August 2013

If you've been following The List, then you'll know that it has been a goal of mine this year to watch all of the movies nominated for an Academy Award, (even the movies nominated for Best Song). I've been trying really hard to get this list knocked down, and thanks to Netflix, I am able to really get cracking on it before the year's end. Anyways, here's my updated list of films that I've watched this year. Of course, anything marked with an "X" means I have watched the movie.

2013 Academy Award Nominees

[ ] 5 Broken Cameras (Best Documentary)

[ ] A Royal Affair (Best Foreign Language Film- Denmark)

[X] Adam and Dog (Best Short Film [Animated])

[ ] Amour (Best Picture, Best Foreign Language Film- Austria, Best Original Screenplay)

[X] Anna Karenina (Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Music [Original Score], Best Production Design)

[ ] Argo (Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Music [Original Score], Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing)

[X] Asad (Best Short Film [Live Action])

[X] Avengers, The (Best Visual Effects)

[ ] Beasts of the Southern Wild (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay)

[X] Brave (Best Animated Feature)

[X] Buzkashi Boys (Best Short Film [Live Action])

[ ] Chasing Ice (Best Music [Original Song])*song only

[X] Curfew (Best Short Film [Live Action])

[X] Death of a Shadow (Dood van een Schaduq) (Best Short Film [Live Action])

[ ] Django Unchained (Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Original Screenplay)

[ ] Flight (Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay)

[ ] Frankenweenie (Best Animated Feature)

[X] Fresh Guacamole (Best Short Film [Animated])

[ ] Gatekeepers, The (Best Documentary)

[X] Head Over Heels (Best Short Film [Animated])

[X] Henry (Best Short Film [Live Action])

[ ] Hitchcock (best Makeup and Hairstyling)

[X] Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey (Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Visual Effects, Best Production Design)

[ ] How to Survive a Plague (Best Documentary)

[ ] Impossible, The (Best Actress)

[ ] Inocente (Best Documentary Short)

[ ] Invisible War, The (Best Documentary)

[ ] Kings Point (Best Documentary Short)

[ ] Kon-Tiki (Best Foreign Language Film- Norway)

[X] Les Miserables (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Music [Original Song], Best Production Design, Best Sound Mixing)

[X] Life of Pi (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Music [Original Score], Best Music [Original Song], Best Production Design, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Adapted Screenplay)

[ ] Lincoln (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, Best Music [Original Score], Best Production Design, Best Sound Mixing, Best Adapted Screenplay)

[X] Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare' (Best Short Film [Animated])

[ ] Master, The (Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress)

[X] Mirror, Mirror (Best Costume Design)

[ ] Mondays at Racie (Best Documentary Short)

[ ] Moonrise Kingdom (Best Original Screenplay)

[ ] No (Best Foreign Language Film- Chile)

[ ] Open Heart (Best Documentary Short)

[X] Paperman (Best Short Film [Animated])

[ ] ParaNorman (Best Animated Feature)

[X] Pirates, The! Band of Misfits (Best Animated Feature)

[ ] Prometheus (Best Visual Effects)

[ ] Redemption (Best Documentary Short)

[ ] Searching for Sugar Man (Best Documentary)

[ ] Sessions, The (Best Supporting Actress)

[X] Silver Linings Playbook (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Film Editing, Best Adapted Screenplay)

[ ] Skyfall (Best Cinematography, Best Music [Original Score], Best Music [Original Song], Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing)

[X] Snow White and the Huntsman (Best Costume Design, Best Visual Effects)

[X] Ted (Best Music [Original Song])*song only

[ ] War Witch (Best Foreign Language Film- Canada)

[X] Wreck-It Ralph (Best Animated Feature)

[ ] Zero Dark Thirty (Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing, Best Original Screenplay)

John Mayer is my soulmate.

Okay, so I know he’s got that whole relationship “thing” with Katy Perry, but let’s be honest, fate is fate, and I’m convinced John Mayer is my soulmate. 

He's really feelin' it!
This past Wednesday I had the extreme pleasure of going to John’s concert here in Toronto while he is on his Born and Raised tour. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with John, this is his first tour in over three years so there was a lot of anticipation for this night, and he definitely didn’t disappoint.

The concert had everything it needed, songs from John’s newest album (Born and Raised, y’all) and even songs from his album coming out this week (Paradise Valley). He really felt the music when he played, and I loved how he spent the majority of his concert just jamming with his band. He also did an acoustic set where he played some of his older songs (like Your Body is A Wonderland) and finished out the show by playing Gravity (swoon).

An Instagram selfie of me and my cousin at the concert.
I had a lot of fun hanging out with my cousin. We sat in row 301, and even though we had a ten-foot-tall giant standing in front of us, we managed to work out a system so that both of us could view the beauty that is John Mayer. Also, I never thought I could have heard a rendition of Something Like Olivia quite as awful as i did that night when a group of girls (who had bonded over their love of Bacardi and wine, and had only just met that night), had an impromptu karaoke experience and belted it quite sloppily, and very, very loud. I thought it was funny, but the people in front of us were not so impressed, since the girls kept swinging their arms over their heads. Poor people.

Probably the thing I loved most about the concert was that he took a moment to talk to the crowd and thank them for their loyalty. “You guys have waited a long time, and I’m so thankful that you came," "...for sticking by me when people ask, ‘you like John Mayer?’ I’ve done a lot of not-so-good things in the past and it means a lot that you’ve stuck by me”. He really loves his fans, and he loves his music, and I think it’s really humbling to see that regardless of the tabloids, people still love his music and love him.

I’m excited for his new album, (coming out this Tuesday! yay!) and if you haven’t heard it yet, go sample it on iTunes.


Image credit goes to Rolling Stone


12 August 2013

I’ve been living under a rock. How has three seasons of Workaholics aired without me knowing? I mean, between IMDBing the crap out of Adam DeVine after his hilarious Pitch Perfect perfomance, and Anders Holm after seeing him play the adorable pastor Casey in The Mindy Project, it somehow it escaped me. Fear not, friends, I have seen the light!

I have spent the last week marathoning the first season of Workaholics and I’ve loved every moment of it. The show stars Adam DeVine as Adam DeMamp, Blake Anderson as Blake Henderson, and Anders Holm and Anders Holmvik. First things first, I love that they all keep their real names, (a la Will Smith, Fresh Prince Style) but I also love that these three not only star in the show, but also write for it. Having worked at a telemarketing-type job, I feel like I can relate to the complete lack of professionalism that occurs on the daily for these guys, but even if you can't, they're still pretty hilarious.

Some other things I love about Workaholics:

“Poop Dollar”

Yeah, these guys are in there late twenties and they’re still playing petty pranks like wrapping poop in a dollar for unsuspecting patrons. I’m in my mid-twenties and still find this hilarious. Disgusting, but hilarious.

I want to have an office camp-out with my best friends.

Anders has a hard “Ahn”

Half Christmas!


The one and only Rebel Wilson

And finally, I truly believe that I am Jillian

Workaholics was recently renewed for a fourth and fifth season, so this show’s going to be around for a while. If you haven’t checked it out, what are you waiting for? You can catch Workaholics on Comedy Central.

Helpful Tips For Moving

11 August 2013

As you may know by now, I’m currently in the process of moving. It’s been a while since I’ve had to move, and since then I’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff; stuff that needs to get packed. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to plan out my packing so I’m not frantically throwing things in random boxes the night before the big move, spending endless hours scrolling through Pinterest trying to find the best packing and moving plans and have found quite a few really great tips, and along the way have discovered a few of my own.

With the new school year before us, and a lot of you going away to college or university, I thought I’d give you guys some tips that I’ve learned in order to have a (somewhat) smooth move.
1. Make a list

Getting organized is hard during a move because there is so much chaos-- so make a list. A lot of times we forget about the little things, so by making a list we can avoid franticly running around like a chicken with our head cut off. Start off by looking at your moving date and how much time you have between now and then to complete things, and then prioritize. What can you pack early? What needs to be purchased before (or after) you move? Do you need to rent a moving truck? Remember to switch over your utilities and address, and give them at least 2 weeks notice so you don’t have to wait forever to get your internet set up. Keep the list handy so that when something else pops into your head, you can write it down instead of trying to remember what it was later.

2. Start collecting boxes
It seems like nowadays most grocery stores aren’t giving away their boxes, so if you wait to long, you might not get enough. Mention to your friends and families that you’re looking for boxes, so if they see any, to pick them up. This way, you can also pack as you collect, which will save you time as you approach your big day. Helpful tip: I really like using old banana boxes because they come with lids and handles, which makes it very easy to transport.

3. Label
If you are having people help you move, it’s really efficient and less time-consuming if you not only label what’s in the boxes, but what room they go in. That way you don’t have people trying to track you down asking where to put things, or having to remove the boxes to their designated room. Number your boxes as well just in case a box is forgotten, you’ll be able to track it down easier.

4. Take pictures of your electronics
I’d like to think of myself as tech-savvy, but even I am a victim to the cable chord mix-ups. Taking a picture of the back of your TV and the proper wires hooked in will save you the time (and the tears) of figuring out which wire goes where.

5. Distribute your books
If you’re a big reader like me, you’ve probably collected quite a few books. It can be hard to move books if you’ve packed them all in one box, as they can get very heavy, and if you don’t have a dolly to move them you could really risk injuring yourself or breaking a box The best way to move them is to distribute your books through other boxes. I’ve started backing them with clothes since clothing ways next to nothing. Plus, because books can fit easily into nooks and crannies you can save on boxes by throwing them into whatever boxes still have extra space.

6. Wrapping breakables
I know most of us use reusable bags, but you’d be surprised with the amount of plastic bags you’ll find hidden in your house! Instead of buying bubble wrap, wrap your breakables in the plastic bags. Or, if you have lots of scarves, you can wrap them in those as well. Pack plates like records, because they’re less likely to break, and stick classes into clean socks.

7. Take pictures
If you’re renting like me, before you repaint or move anything in, take pictures of the place before you move in. This way, if there are any problems when you move out, you have photo proof of the condition of the home before you even moved in.

8. Paint before you move

Painted my bedroom this weekend! I used "Smoke" by Benjamin Moore

If you’re able to, go and paint before you move everything in. You won’t have to worry about clutter and painting around furniture.

9. Set up your kitchen and bathroom first
This is a tricky one, but well worth it. My official moving date is August 24, but we’ve already gone in and painted and set up our bathroom, and kitchen. Having the kitchen already set up makes it a lot easier when you’re hungry and need something quick to eat. If you’re like me and have family that bring food for moving day, it’s also nice to be able to have a free spot in the kitchen to put everything, and a clean fridge and stove to store stuff. When everything is said and done with the move, you’ll also be very glad that the bathroom is already set up so that you won’t be without toilet paper or a hot shower at the end of the day.

10. Kijiji
In Canada, the number one place to buy, sell or get rid of stuff if through Kijiji. If you are wanting to get rid of something you don’t want to bring with you, put it on Kijiji. You’re almost guaranteed to have it sold before you move. The same works if you’re looking for something. People sell and give away stuff all of the time, so if you’re looking for a new coffee table, desk, or dining room set check Kijiji first, because you may find a hidden treasure on there!

11. Groceries
Avoid going grocery shopping too close to your move, because you don’t want to have to transport food that could spoil. Some things a would suggest purchasing before the move though: granola bars, apples and a case of water. When you’re on the move and need something quick to sustain yourself, these are easy-to-eat snacks that will keep your energy up without all the fuss and muss.

12. Hire a sitter
Whether you're a parent of a human child, or a parent of a four-legged child like me, it's best to have someone take care of them on moving day. This way they still get the attention they need, and you can put your energy into focusing on the move.

13. Make sure everything is packed
I’ve been in the position when I’ve agreed to help someone move, and when I’d shown up at their house, they were still packing. Don’t be this person. Have everything packed and ready for moving day, your friends will thank you.

14. Pay your friends
If you’re asking friends to help you move, it might be nice to give them something as a thanks. Something as simple as buying a pizza for lunch, or giving them dibs to any of your stuff you were planning on getting rid of. My friends don’t drink, so instead of buying them beer, my roommate and I are planning on doing a “Tim’s run” for coffee in the morning.

15. Switch your ID
One of the biggest pains of moving is having to switch over all your ID. I’ve discovered something amazing though, if you’re Canadian like me, you can switch your ID online now! No more having to wait take a day off work to wait in five million lines! You can access the website here.

16. Make yourself at home
Once you’re all moved in, it’s time to relax and make your new place, your home. Moving gives you the perfect excuse to redecorate. Get some ideas off Pinterest and go wild.

Good luck!

5 Reasons Why You Should Go See "We're The Millers"

07 August 2013

As you know I'm a bit of a movie enthusiast, so tonight I took the opportunity to go see the new movie, We're The Millers with Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Anniston, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter. I don't have to tell you it was awesome, but I will anyways. Here's my 5 reasons as to why you should go see We're The Millers this weekend:

1. The plot is about a middle-aged drug dealer David (Sudeikis), who was mugged of his stash; to make amends with his supplier (Helms), he has to come up with a genius plan to smuggle a "smidge" of pot back over the border without being caught. Cue Rose (Anniston), Casey (Roberts), and Kenny (Poulter) as his average American family: the Millers. Obviously comedic antics ensue, and without revealing too much, the Miller's find themselves in a number of sticky situations that end up bringing them closer together, making them feel like a real family (aww).

2. The movie was written by the same people that wrote "Wedding Crashers", and was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who wrote and directed a little movie you might know called "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story". If that doesn't prove to you the movies funny, I don't know what will! (Except maybe the next three reasons...)

3. Apart from having a fantastic cast, the film also co-stars comedic legends Ed Helms, Nick Offerman, and Kathryn Hahn.

4. Umm, Jennifer Anniston's rocking 44-year-old body. Holy smokes.

5. This:

Five stars. You won't stop laughing during the entire movie!

There's A New Kid In Town

05 August 2013

This year has been leading up to this on moment of pure anxiety and excitement; I'm moving.

Nice picture eh? I took this at the beaches!
When 2013 started my friend Jessica and I decided we wanted to make a change in our lives, we didn't want to have any regrets, and so with that we decided we were going to pack up and move to the city. Toronto. We've spent hours upon hours planning in coffee shops, scoping out apartments, and even scouring the city for the best deals on antiques to decorate our new "sophisticated" bachelorette pad. Finally, we've made it.

Last week we went and picked up our keys and stepped not only into our first apartment in a brand new city, but also into a whole new adventure this year. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time, and I'm not sure how to execute just exactly how I'm feeling at this precise moment. This isn't the first time I've moved out either. I moved out on my own at 19, and had been living on my own until last year when my dad moved back into town and into my spare bedroom. The thing is, even though I've lived on my own, I've never felt, well, on my own. I've always had my family and friends close by; and now, with the exception of Jessica, I'm by myself in a big city.

I feel like it's the first day of high school and I'm in homeroom with none of my friends, and am forced to make new friends to avoid loneliness. Don't get me wrong, I'm great at making friends, but the whole notion of being an adult and having to make practically a whole new group of like-minded friends is anxiety-producing. A million questions are running through my mind: Where does a twenty-something gal with no desire to bar-hop meet classy people? Who will be there to take care of me when I'm sick? What happens if I need help carrying something heavy? Who will open the pickle jar? All of these things make me feel nervous to officially be a grown-up living on my own. That, and my apartment has a large pigeon population, and it freaks me out that they just stare at me through my window; it's like they know something.

I guess what I'm dealing with is, the fear of the unknown. I don't know if it will work out, if I'll love living in Toronto, if I'll find a job that I love, and find happiness in the city, that's why I moved here to begin with, to figure that out. Sometimes, we just don't know what the end result will be, but we just have to have faith that it will work out, and enjoy the journey because that's half the fun.

If At First You Don't Succeed...

04 August 2013

I think it's safe to say, my first goal of 2013 has been a little overshadowed by, well, excuses really. I wanted to consistently blog for a whole year, and here I am, making my first blog post in seven months.  Now, I could feel like a failure and beat myself up about not keeping this goal, if it weren't for the fact that I've actually been doing pretty great on completely the rest of my goals this year.

So today will mark a new change, in that, I will start writing again. No matter how hard it is to find something to write about, and even if the one view I get on this blog is from my best friend (thanks Jess).

So, if you are reading this, be prepared, a lot's about to happen in the next 5 months, and I can't wait to share it!

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