John Mayer is my soulmate.

17 August 2013

Okay, so I know he’s got that whole relationship “thing” with Katy Perry, but let’s be honest, fate is fate, and I’m convinced John Mayer is my soulmate. 

He's really feelin' it!
This past Wednesday I had the extreme pleasure of going to John’s concert here in Toronto while he is on his Born and Raised tour. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with John, this is his first tour in over three years so there was a lot of anticipation for this night, and he definitely didn’t disappoint.

The concert had everything it needed, songs from John’s newest album (Born and Raised, y’all) and even songs from his album coming out this week (Paradise Valley). He really felt the music when he played, and I loved how he spent the majority of his concert just jamming with his band. He also did an acoustic set where he played some of his older songs (like Your Body is A Wonderland) and finished out the show by playing Gravity (swoon).

An Instagram selfie of me and my cousin at the concert.
I had a lot of fun hanging out with my cousin. We sat in row 301, and even though we had a ten-foot-tall giant standing in front of us, we managed to work out a system so that both of us could view the beauty that is John Mayer. Also, I never thought I could have heard a rendition of Something Like Olivia quite as awful as i did that night when a group of girls (who had bonded over their love of Bacardi and wine, and had only just met that night), had an impromptu karaoke experience and belted it quite sloppily, and very, very loud. I thought it was funny, but the people in front of us were not so impressed, since the girls kept swinging their arms over their heads. Poor people.

Probably the thing I loved most about the concert was that he took a moment to talk to the crowd and thank them for their loyalty. “You guys have waited a long time, and I’m so thankful that you came," "...for sticking by me when people ask, ‘you like John Mayer?’ I’ve done a lot of not-so-good things in the past and it means a lot that you’ve stuck by me”. He really loves his fans, and he loves his music, and I think it’s really humbling to see that regardless of the tabloids, people still love his music and love him.

I’m excited for his new album, (coming out this Tuesday! yay!) and if you haven’t heard it yet, go sample it on iTunes.


Image credit goes to Rolling Stone

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