I'm a Katycat.

19 August 2013

I caved. Last week while I was sick with strep throat I was perusing through Netflix trying to figure out which RomCom I should watch when a recommended movie came across my screen. Why this movie was recommended, I don’t know since I’ve never watched any documentaries about musicians on Netflix, but Katy Perry: Part of Me was there, and I was willing; so I clicked it.

What I expected to see was a 2-hour music video. Over-done concert shots and interviews with Katy’s family and friends talking about how much she deserved her success-- nothing with substance. Instead what I found myself watching was a documentary on Katy, and though she has made a brand of herself now, it didn’t come without struggles. What’s more, is that in the midst of her most successful moment, she had to deal with heartbreak as she dealt with the divorce from her husband. I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed the movie. 

On top of that, I hadn’t really listened much to Katy’s music, but that week her new single, “Roar” was released, and well, I’ll let her words speak for themselves:

I have to say, over the last two weeks, I’ve become a fan of Katy. She’s actually a pretty cool gal, and her new song is outstanding. It’s so good, I’m even willing to forgive the fact that she’s dating my future husband.

What do you guys think about Katy Perry's new single?


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