I laugh at my own jokes..

04 October 2013

You ever meet someone and think, "It's happened! I've actually met the funniest person in the world!"?  Because I have! I mean, I haven't met the person per se, but I  do know them. I'm of course talking about me here. I'm "them". Me, Kate.

This blog is all about keepin' it real, and I'm about to lay some pretty heavy stuff on you guys, so here it is: I'm the funniest person I know. There. I said it. Phewf! What a weight lifted off of my shoulders! It's true though. I'm that person that tells the most off-kilter, probably lamest, dad joke-est stuff ever, and I completely crack myself up. I'm that obnoxious person that can't tell a punchline correctly because I'm already laughing about it, so the joke loses momentum and ends up not being funny at all so everyone just pity laughs. I don't care though. My motto is, if I laugh, it's funny. Simple as that.

Honestly though, I have proof that I am the funniest person I know...

Exhibit A: Ellen dances, and she's funny. So I can too.
Exhibit B: This tweet:

Exhibto C: Genetics.
Les Exhibites D: This text I posted on Instagram
And this text...
I could go on, but on top of my hilarious comedic skills, I'm also very humble so I'll leave it at that.

 Peace Out, Kate

Odd One Out


  1. Oh no , you're SO funny for sure . I must text you like 24/7 to keep humour alive on earth.

  2. I love your motto! I, too, laugh at my own damn jokes...but that tweet - seriously funny!


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