Life Lesson: Always Use Sunscreen

09 October 2013

About two winters ago three of my friends and I planned the roadtrip of all roadtrips. We drove from our little city here in Canada, all the way down to Florida. We had decided that we would spent three days in Orlando, and three days in Miami. Being the pasty white Canadians we were, we decided on our first day there that we were in dyer need of tans. Monday morning we got up, and took this picture, cataloguing our adventures...
There I am, probably the whitest of them all; happy, ready to take on the day, and without any pain in my body whatsoever.

Our condo had a pool so we decided we would just spend the day there getting our tan on. We brought everything we needed: snacks, books, and tanning oil. We were ready to get bronzed! Before I go any further I should let you know, I've never had a sun burn before in my life. Despite my pasty skin, I actually tan very easily, even with sunscreen on. This time around though I thought, I want to get really tanned, so we all slathered the tanning oil all over ourselves. Every 15 minutes it seemed like we weren't getting tanned enough, so we'd slather more on. This continued right up until dinner time...

Here's the thing, the reason I had never gotten burned before is because Canada is pretty far from the equator, so the sun isn't as close to us. None of us had clued in that being in Florida, the sun would be stronger, so we'd need to keep ourselves protected from it.

You see where this is going, right?
Tomatoes. Also, I did the Miley Cyrus tongue thing before she did, so there.

My face was probably the worst. Once the burn started to turn into a tan, my skin started to feel hard, and my forehead looked like leather. It was so painful! At the end of the week, we were on our way to New York City and whilst I was reading with my head in my hand, Jess said something to me, so I turned to listen and what came next was, well....

My whole forehead had peeled off. I kid you not. The dark brown skin peeled away to reveal brand new pink skin. It had looked like someone carved a patch out of my face! It was like, a sheet of skin came right off of my face! It was so gross but I couldn't stop laughing!
This is as close as you're going to get for photographic evidence because I was so embarrassed by my face I didn't want to take any pictures of it...

I learned a very important life lesson that week: always, always, always use sunscreen. It's so dangerous getting burned, especially that badly.

In case you were wondering though, when I got home, I coloured my hair brown, and was the darkest I've every been in my life. Also my face healed and I looked beautiful once again.

True story.

Happy Wednesay, all! Only a few more days until I get to mow down on turkey!!!

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Odd One Out

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  1. I've gotten a forehead sunburn and had all of my skin peel off, too! It's no good. Glad you're all healed up now :)


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