Friday Five

11 October 2013

Today I'm introducing the Friday Five! What is the Friday Five, you ask? The Friday Five is simply a list of five things that stood out for me this week. Either things happening in the media, or in the blogesphere, or in my own life.

This week's Friday Five:

1. Cold and flu season is upon us. I've literally been tied to my bed at every possible chance I had. I've been popping Cold FX like Pez and chugging as much OJ as my little bladder can tolerate.

2. Candy Crush. Because I've literally felt like a walking ball of mucus (tmi?) I've spent the majority of my time curled up watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother whilst playing probably the most addicting game ever.
3. The Quarterback episode of Glee. Because having a runny nose isn't enough, I ugly cried throughout the whole episode. It was such a touching tribute to Cory. The writers, along with all of the actors did such an incredible job remembering Cory.

4. This little booger has been really sneaky lately. She woke me up this morning at 7 by practically mauling my face (with love). When she's up, it's time to play. Yesterday I put a sweater down on my bed and not even two minutes later she was taking a snooze on it. #CatLadyProbs
5. Lorde's Royals. This song has literally been stuck in my head all week, and just when it's out, I hear it again. So as part of #backthatazzup Friday, I'm posting it on today's blog so that you too, can have it stuck in your head all. freakin'. weekend.

Royals by Lorde on Grooveshark

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Odd One Out


  1. That little devil Candy Crush . I spent my half life playing level 33 but got stuck again x)

  2. Haha, I gave up on Candy Crush ages ago. I've been hooked on to Dots instead (easier, lol!). Hope you're feeling better!

    And aaargh I can't escape Lorde!!!


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