Weekend Recap

25 November 2013

This weekend brought a variety of things to the table, here's my recap:

Doctor Who The Day of The Doctor

Was anyone else completely sidetracked every time they went to look something up on Google this weekend? I was writing a paper and it took me twice the time to do research because I kept playing the fantastic game that Google had in celebration of The Day of The Doctor. Also, did anyone see it? Wowowow. Two words: David. Tennant.

Christmas movies are finally being shown on TV!!!

Words cannot even express the excitement that overcame me while channel-surfing Friday night, and Elf appeared on my screen...

I mean, I think you guys have an idea...

I love when people cook for me...

Saturday I went to my uncle's for dinner, and was surprised with a fancy-schmancy four-course meal. Of course I was too busy stuffing my face to take any pictures, but imagine homemade puff pasties, a tomato bacon and some-french-cheese-I-can't-imagine-pronouncing-correctly soup, chicken and pesto pasta with black olives, walnuts and sundries tomatoes, and to top it off, a toasted croissant with caramel and brandy sauce, served with freshly pressed cappuccino. I literally died and went to fat kid heaven.

Am I the only one who didn't watch the AMAs last night?

I was too busy snuggling with babies and watching White House Down. Great movie, by the way. I mean, if you're into explosions and Channing Tatum's rippling muscles and stuff...

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  1. I love Elf! It's only second to Christmas Vacation in my list of fave Christmas movies. I also did not watch the AMAs. Honestly, I don't really watch any awards shows anymore, but I do like to catch the red carpet and see the fashion!

  2. Elf is a must watch every holiday :)

    I was busy watching Family Guy while the AMas were on :P


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