Grow Your Blog Link Up #01

19 November 2013

Happy Tuesday guys! Today I'm literally feeling like death. It seems procrastinating to get my flu shot has left me vulnerable to the flu and I am currently laying in bed all sickly with a bucket next to my bed. It's really a beautiful sight. If I've learned one thing out of this it's this: get your flu shot guys, seriously.

Anyways, vomit and delusions aside, I'm happy to announce a link-up I'm co-hosting with One Chocolate Box!

Welcome to the very first Grow Your Blog Link Up!

It's a link up specifically for new bloggers (those with less than 500 followers per social medium are welcome too). It's a chance to meet other new bloggers, and hopefully build networks and friendships.

There are no fees for co-hosting. Just email Toni at if you're interested.

Link ups start every Wednesday at 9pm NZDT for all you Kiwis and Tuesday 9pm EST if you're an East-coaster like moi.

Each week, one participant will be randomly selected, and gets featured on the following week's blog hop. More free exposure!

There'll also be a giveaway from time to time, so make sure to check back each week.
1. Toni put a lot of work into this link- up, so go follow One Chocolate Box!

2. Follow the co-hosts! Let us know you're following from the Link Up, so we can follow you back.

3. Link up in the appropriate section using your blog URL or profile URL. Remember you can only link up in the section if you have less than 500 followers in it.

4. Visit and follow at least 1 other blogger. Let them know what you like about their blog.

5. Return the love, follow your new followers!

6. It would be super if you shared the Link Up via Facebook or Twitter. The more people join up, the more potential followers you can get.

7. I'd love you forever if you grabbed the button below and place it on your sidebar!

A big welcome to all the lovely co-hosts this week:

Kate at Odd One Out
Jennifer at Magic Cat Jenny
Chynna at The Invisible Child
Bri at Deliciously Active

Thanks so much for co-hosting ladies!
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  1. Julep is a hit or miss, but the first box is free and you can always cancel after your free box! :)

    Wooo, go Toronto!

  2. Hey fellow co-host, I'm following you on Bloglovin' now. =) Get well soon!

  3. following you through Bloglovin :D thanks for the link up! this is amazing!

  4. So last year I got the flu shot because I was pregnant and my doctor highly urged me to do so. I'm glad I listened to her advice because my whole house came down with the flu...except me! Feel better soon!

    Now following you on Bloglovin'

  5. New follower on Bloglovin'. This is a great link up, and I can't wait to make some new friends! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Great link up! Following you on Bloglovin'. Hope you get well soon!


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