Kate Bakes...again

18 November 2013

If you remember, I'm not much of a cook... but this weekend I got hit with the baking bug and decided to take my chances baking.

I had been craving cheese tea biscuits for weeks so yesterday I finally got off my butt and attempted to bake them. From. Scratch. The result?

To be honest, the recipe was really easy to follow. I used my mum's recipe, and since I was so happy with the result, I figured I'd share the magic with you guys.
Bake your own and tweet me a picture!

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  1. YUMMOZ! I love baking but I literally a lousy baker. Kudos girl.

  2. I was JUST saying to a friend the other day that I could go for some cheese biscuits. I am scared to attempt to make though haha!

  3. hi! found your blog through the link up on One Chocolate Box, I can't wait to make these they look so yummy! Maybe Ill make some potato soup to go with them.....
    Well anyways Love the blog!
    Erica @ http://thevisserclan.blogspot.com

  4. Oh, yuuuuuuum! I love the look of these plus they have cheese - so double thumbs up :D


  5. my friend made these - she literally whipped them up in minutes - and they ARE SO GOOD!!!

    Vodka and Soda


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