14 November 2013

It's a hard thing, balancing things. I don't know how those circus folk do it.

I'm of course talking in the metaphorical sense and not about literally balancing things, like say a chair on my chin which for the record, I definitely can't do. Don't ask how I know this I just do.

You see, coming out of the blogfest that was October, I was very inspired and excited to blog some more, but then more and more things started getting added to my plate (metaphorical again). I had this bright idea to participate in NaNoWriMo, and while I've made some progress, most of my time has been spent writing papers for school. I'm almost done my semester, yay! But because I've been spending most of my time writing papers (and prepping for my exams) my timing has been really off with everything else I love doing like marathoning Ravenswood and writing on the blog. Honestly, I don't know how you other bloggers do it.

Seriously though, how to you guys manage your time to do it all? I mean clearly you guys have busier social lives than I do, so you must be magic. Teach me the way of the force.

I guess I'm still figuring out my groove, and until then (or until December 15 when I'm finished for the semester) posts are going to be a little sporadic. I do have some fun posts lined up for the rest of the month, just waiting to be written out including a blog hop! Woo!

Have a happy Thursday!

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  1. Yeah story of my life. Definitely not going to complete NaNoWriMo. Also I never feel like I have enough time in a day to accomplish everything on my to-do list. #firstworldproblem

  2. Meh, I don't know how other bloggers do it either. It's practically like a full time job. Gah! Then I got this wonderful idea to bake like a crazy woman on Sunday, and spend some time over the next week selling them to raise some money for Unicef's relief op in the Philippines. Eeeek. Definitely need to do advanced posts tonight and tomorrow and schedule them over next week. Problem is, nothing to write about! *gulp* At least we're covered for Wednesday. BLOG HOP! Woop woop! And by Wednesday I mean Tuesday for you. =P

  3. Hi there! I just found your blog. I have times where I don't feel like blogging for a long time, but then other times I have a lot of things I want to write about. I'm not even a good writer, but I like to keep a sort of internet log/journal.
    Anyway, hi. I'm Bethany. :)

  4. Also, where are your glasses from?! :O The ones in your button picture. So cute!

  5. Hello! I found your blog from the blog hop - so glad I did! I have this problem too, studying and working leaves hardly anytime for blogging, and it gets hard! :/ but I think you are doing really well! Sometimes, I know exactly what to blog about, but then other times - it's like I keep hitting a brick wall!
    Great Blog!

    Fatima :)


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