Things I'm Loving This Week

22 November 2013

There's nothing I love more than looking at the silver lining. This week started off rather heinous because of the whole flu thing, but it's turned around! Here's my list of things I'm loving this week:


Who knew a girl could sleep so much? I think Tuesday I managed to sleep a much-needed 14-hours! Boo-ya!

Super Fun Night

Good ol' Rebel Wilson just really knows how to make a girl laugh.

Surprise Chipotle

I tweeted this today, and it was awesome!


When you're feeling under the weather, nothing beats seeing this cute little face!

Catching Fire

I went to see Catching Fire last night with some old friends from college, and oh my! It was amazing! I mean, I'm a fan of the series so even if it sucked I probably would have still enjoyed it, but wow! It was executed way better than the first movie, and being that Catching Fire was my fave book of the series, I held a pretty high standard to the movie. It did bot disappoint. If you haven't seen it yet, go this weekend!

Getting Good Sushi

I have hesitated ordering sushi since I've moved into the city for fear that I would get food poisoning and die. Finally, after asking around I found a good sushi joint, and picked some up for lunch and just ate the crap out it. It was so good. What's even better? Didn't get sick. Win.

Christmas Music

In preparation of Christmas decorating next week, I've been pumping myself up by blasting the Yule tide tunes! And since today is #backthatazzup Friday, I've selected one of the many that have been repeating aaaalll week!

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  1. I've never had Chipotle but I walk by one all the time. I've gotta try it out.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I can sleep 15 hours plus easy, however, I don't get the opportunity anymore.. like ever. So sad. I sneak in naps daily so it's ok. Chipotle + Sushi is always good, not together but separately. :) Have a great weekend Kate! -Iva

  3. I have nominated you for the Leibster Award :)

  4. All awesome things! My co-workers & I all get chipotle every Tuesday :) So good.


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