I Am The Bermuda Triangle.

27 November 2013

About a year or so ago I went on a road trip with a few friends to Florida. We decided we would drive from our little city in Ontario all the way to Orlando, spend a few days there, head to Miami for a couple of days, and then drive back home.

So in planning the trip the four of us going decided that we would all take turns driving. Now, when I say "we all" I mean the three of us that could drive would take turns driving. Jess, my current roommate and I would be driving buddies and Rach, my former roommate and her boyfriend would be driving buddies. We had a rule, if your driving buddy was driving, you were to sit in shotgun and navigate while the other two slept in the back. Sounds simple, simple it was not.

As it turns out, both Jess and I are actually quite fantastic drivers. Directionally, however, we were a little helpless. First, we brought a faulty GPS. Apparently it was only programmed for Canadian cities, which was great for the first two hours of the trip, but once we crossed the boarder it was about as handy as a two year old with a wrench.

We did come prepared with our handy dandy Google maps, so at least we did have some sort of guide to getting to Orlando. Our route looked a little something like this:

We were off to a really great start too, of course because it was Rach's boyfriend who had started the drive, but as soon as it was my turn to drive, Jess and I would get talking, or singing, or waving to passersby and the next thing we knew, we were off course. We didn't want to wake the two sleeping babes in the back so like any normal person would do, we drove around to find the nearest McDonald's to get free WiFi. (I neglected to tell you that we had turned our phones on Airplane mode to avoid roaming, so we couldn't even use the GPS on our phones unless we used WiFi, hence the need for McDonald's).

When we finally found the WiFi we were looking for and turned on our GPS we noticed that we had gone more than a little off-route... Nashville Tennessee off route. By the time we got to Orlando our map looked a little more like this:

We got there in one peace and fun was had by all. Then it was time for us to drive home. Jess and I had decided to do most of the driving because *spoiler alert* Rach's boyfriend was going to propose to her the day we got back so they needed the sleep. We had the best intentions, but we failed miserably... For the geographically challenged like moi, here's what our map looked like heading home:

We decided to take a different route so we could see more of the United States. And boy, did we ever... Again, Jess and I did more talking, more singing, and more waving and again we found ourselves looking at unfamiliar signs. After much debate, we caved and woke up the rest of the car to figure out where we were. We did this more times than I could even count, including once while we drove through the Carolina's during the huge tornados they had (March 2 & 3 2012, look it up because Rach and her man think Jess and I made it up).

We had also managed to drive through Washington, (don't ask how, but I saw the freaking Peace Tower and was like, whaaa) Baltimore, (yes, I sang the song from Hairspray as we got out of the car at a KFC to ask for directions) and, wait for it, New York City. We decided since we were already on our way we were just going to go and enjoy ourselves for a few hours, which we did, then hop back in the car, and go home.

Yeah... I was way off.

*Side note, I did manage to get from the U.S/ Canadian border at New York, all the way to Toronto in about two hours. I may or may not have broken the law in doing so, but that point is moot.

All was good, Rach and her man got engaged, and we ate Chinese food in celebration, but not before Jess and I had been officially dubbed "The Bermuda Triangle". Basically our faces are in Wikipedia now.

True story.

 Peace Out, Kate


  1. Okay, this is so much fun! That's the coolest thing about road trips...sometimes you're going to get off course but it's normally worth it. Y'all drove quite a ways! I live in Florida...I can't imagine driving to Canada, but I would love to try it! :)

  2. Hilarious, I'm awful with directions, I wouldn't even attempt to drive through the states! I've been known to get lost 20 minutes from home.

  3. Even though you got a little of course, it sounds like it was a fantastic trip! 6 of us took a road trip from Vancouver, BC to San Diego a few years ago. It was a blast. I would love to drive to Florida to see more of the US.

  4. Ha! I can absolutely relate to this. My friends and I drove from Toronto to Chicago and somehow took 15 hours to do so. We had never used the kind of GPS the rental car came with and didn't realized it had been set to avoid all toll roads, u-turns and traffic. It was cool seeing some of New York's amish areas though...

  5. Lol that is so hilarious, I'm actually OK at driving but great with navigation/directions. My bf is a better driver so together we make a great team as long as he's focused and not spacing out. :) My sisters think I'm a "bad driver" however, considering one doesn't drive and the other doesn't leave but a mile out of her house; I think its safe to say I win. Hope you had a great thanksgiving! Have a great one! -Iva


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