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23 September 2013

Happy Monday, folks! This weekend was a busy one for me as I worked literally 85% of it, and the other 25% was spent on the subway. No one told me that when I moved to Toronto I would need to wear more sensible footwear, I honestly have never had so many blisters in my life!

The light at the end of the tunnel was being able to catch the Emmy's last night with a nice cup of tea. Can we just take a moment to applaud Neil Patrick Harris' musical number in the middle of the show? It was great! Also, when Bob Newhart got a standing ovation and it brought him to tears. Oh! And let's not forgot the amazing dance number choreographed by the nominees of best choreography! I'm a reality TV junkie, so I must acknowledge that!!

Okay, so enough of that. I've been listening to a lot of music this weekend with all of the time that I've been spending on the subway, and I wanted to talk about it today!! Specifically, a great indie band from the land down under, Castlecomer.

I originally found Castlecomer on Youtube at the beginning of the summer while searching for a specific cover of The Lumineers' "Ho Hey". Suddenly I found myself listening to the incredible harmonies of this band (comprised of both family and friends), and falling in love with their sound. Plus, check out those cool filming locations around Sydney!

If you like The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons, you'll probably love Castlecomer, as they have a very similar rock/folk sound, with a bit of an Irish twist. Check out their Youtube page where they have some of their original music, and a lot of really amazing covers. And if you really like them, go ahead and pick up their new EP that was released back in July; it's on iTunes!

Enjoy the tunes, and let me know how your weekend was!


  1. Welcome to city life! Pretty soon you'll be carrying a large tote bag with a change of shoes, bandaids and snacks, just in case you get stuck on the train (which will definitely happen at some point).


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