That time I was almost on The Amazing Race (Canada)

27 September 2013

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I hope your weekends are fun-packed and exciting, mine will consist of working and going back to my hometown for a few days! Woo!
Anyways, remember when I went to my first Blue Jays game as a Torontonian? Well what I neglected to tell you about that day was that I was approached by a very attractive young man with one of those neat little carriage taxis. You know, the ones where you and your friend or special someone sit in the carriage and someone else drives it by holding onto the handles and running? Yeah, well this dreamboat of a man comes up to me and asks, "do you need a ride anywhere?". Now at this exact moment two things are running through my mind, first was, "holy crap this guy is cute, is he talking to me?" and the second one was, "don't trust him, he either wants to steal your money or is going to kidnap you". So I just kind of stared at him and smiled and said, "uh, um, no...thanks. Sorry" and ran walked calmly back to my group of friends.
In all honesty, I probably would have hopped on the carriage if I wasn't with a group of 20 friends heading to Starbucks. I could just imagine myself hopping on the carriage, pointing yonder and yelling, "to Starbucks!" looking back and my poor friends who had to walk the block and a half with their petty feet laughing maniacally shouting to them, "see ya later, suckers".  Instead I was too scared and ended up walking the block and a half, (which takes a really long time when everyone insists on walking together).
So as we're heading out of Starbucks I see another person running with a carriage and people sitting in the back. This time, it was a tiny young woman. And as she passed I looked over and saw, printed on the back of the carriage, "The Amazing Race Canada". Yeah, the cute guy was a contestant on The Amazing Race Canada and was needing my help to complete a task.
True story.

I totally could have been one of those background people in The Amazing Race! Which would have meant completing number 8 on The List!
Double bummer.

You better believe the next time someone with a carriage taxi asks if I want a ride somewhere, I'm going to say yes!

Also! Today I'm participating in Whitney's #backthatazzup Friday!

Pompeii by Bastille on Grooveshark

Have a great weekend guys! Let me know what you're up to this weekend! See you Monday!


  1. hahahaha, I would have done the same thing, probably! My Dad and Sister submitted an application video to the amazing race (that was hilarious to film in and of itself) and they refuse to watch it now because they weren't chosen. Damn you, Amazing race!

    1. Not going to lie, I would probably do the same thing! haha

  2. Great post! Totally love the photos :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  3. And I am near tears for you!

  4. That's amazing. If I was with you, I would have hopped on the back, no questions asked. Because I am not a cautious human.

    Also, can I join your group and you can have 21 friends?

  5. I would have thought he wanted money to take me somewhere, so I would have passed, too. (We have a lot of pedi-cabs in Austin.)

    Glad to have found your blog! I'll be back. :)

    P.S.—I am loving Pompeii right now. Have you listened to any of The 1975's music?


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