I've Been Nominated!

02 September 2013

How exciting! I've been nominated for a Liebster award! So what exactly is a Liebster award? It's a super cool chain-letter-esque nomination for new blogs with less than 200 followers. It encourages the blogging community to check out new and up-and-coming blogs, and learn more about the bloggers. I was nominated by Ashley, an adorable blogger who shares what inspires her, weather it's books, makeup, or just what's going on in her life (she's living in South Korea, how cool is that?).

As I've learned from Ashley, the rules to the Liebster award are:
  • Tell the readers 11 things about you.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger who tagged you created.
  • Create 11 questions of your own to ask 11 bloggers.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers. They have to have less than 200 followers and let them know they're nominated.
So here we go!

11 Things About Me
  1. I am a Star Wars fangirl. My favourite film is The Empire Strikes Back.
  2. It's taken almost five years of post-secondary schooling for me to finally finger out what I want to do "when I grow up"
  3. I've always considered myself a dog person until I got Leia, now I'm a total cat lady!
  4. I'm an only child.
  5. I'm a huge book worm. I worked at a book store for five years solely because I got an amazing discount on books.
  6. I am very close with my family. Nana, aunts, uncles and cousins; we have dinner all of us at least once a month.
  7. I probably watch way too much T.V than I should, but I don't care.
  8. I love food. I enjoy trying new things, and would love to try one of those "foodie" tours here in the city.
  9. I'm a musician. I sing, play guitar (acoustic, electric and bass) and piano.
  10. I've always had a passion to travel, but have never left this continent. 
  11. I love tea. I have a whole cupboard full of tea, every kind; black, white, green, herbal, you name it.
11 Questions for Me
  1. What skincare and/or make-up products do you recommend for YOUR skin type? I have combination/oily skin, but I'm also very sensitive. I use Aveeno Clear Complexion, because it's very gentle on my skin, and because I have oily skin, it helps tone down breakouts. Another gret product to use if you have oily skin is anything with olive oil. Oil draws out oil so by using a skin care product with olive oil, it can help prevent the oil on your face from over-producing. Don't confuse this with oil-based makeup, which is not good for oily skin.
  2. What does your nail care look like (Hint: products you use, colors of polish you like, are your nails well-maintained or bitten)? I actually used to bite my nails, really badly. Recently I stopped biting them, and the thing that helped me best was putting nail polish on them. I use a lot of Essie, I love the colours, and the consistency. My favourite polishes from Essie are Mint Candy Apple, and Bahama Mama. Another thing I do to help prevent myself from biting is keeping a nail file with me at all times, if a nail breaks or seems a little rough, I file it. It's a great way to help them grow.
  3. Who inspires your make-up and sense of fashion (Think: celebrities, make-up artists, YouTube Beauty Gurus, Beauty Bloggers) and why? My inspirations for makeup and fashion are Lauren Conrad, Zooey Deschanel, and Taylor Swift. I also really love Youtubers Missglamorazzi and Zoella280390.
  4. Describe your go-to hair and makeup look.  I've got long hair and bangs. I usually just let it air dry. Sometimes I curl it to get some volume. I'm also loving the ombre look for hair. I love having highlights, but keeping it up is very tedious, especially when your hair is as long as mine, so it's a great middle ground. For makeup, I enjoy a natural look. I usually just do some blush and eyeliner. If I'm going out I play up the lips more, I really enjoy a good fushia or red lip.
  5. How would you describe your sense of style and a typical day-in-your-life outfit? I would say my style is all over the place. My favourite things to where in the summer are dresses and sandals. I like to throw on a denim jacket to keep myself warm in the evenings as well. I like to be comfortable, but I also like looking fashionable. I'm also a very big supporter of the scarf.
  6. What type of shoes do you most enjoy wearing and why? I like wearing gladiator sandals and flats. They are comfy and trendy. I also wear the odd flip-flop now and again.
  7. Does your profession affect your style? How so? I'm able to really wear whatever I want at my job, so it doesn't affect it. Some days I show up to work in a dress, and other days I wear yoga pants.
  8. Why do you wear makeup? I wear makeup because I like the way I feel when I wear it. I don't always where makeup, but when I do, I feel more confident. I know that I look awake and approachable.
  9. If you could choose another country to visit or live in, which would you choose and why? Australia. Ever since I saw Mary-Kate and Ashley's Our Lips Are Sealed  I've always wanted to go. Lay on Bondi Beach, walk through Sydney. I just love the environment, they are very laid back and easy-going, a lot like me.
  10. Do you consider yourself a healthy person (eat well, exercise, use natural beauty products)? I'm definitely not as healthy as I'd like to be. Some of my goals on The List are to eat healthier and exercise more. I'm determined to have a healthier lifestyle this year though, and I think I've been doing an okay job so far.
  11. What is the best advice you have for others? Always smile. It's scientifically proven that smiling makes you happy. If you are having a bad day, smile. You'd be surprised how quickly your mood can change. Love yourself. Everyone has flaws, you're not alone. Embrace them. You were created to be just as you are for a reason, you're beautiful so love yourself.
11 Questions for my Nominees
  1. What is your all-time favourite book, and why?
  2. If you were given the opportunity to have 15 minutes of fame, would you take it?
  3. Who do you think your celebrity doppleganger is?
  4. What's one thing you'd like to do before you die?
  5. Name someone who inspires you and why.
  6. How do you measure success?
  7. Favourite TV show?
  8. What would your dream job be?
  9. What was your New Year's resolution for 2013? Did you keep it? Why or why not?
  10. Assuming you have a life soundtrack, what would be the number one song played on it?
  11. What's something that scares you?
And the Nominees are...
  1. Lifestyle Soirée
  2. The Sun Was High
  3. Completely Unfinished
  4. Cindy's Bucket List
  5. The Cozy Armchair
  6. In The Round
  7. Lost In Thought
  8. Laura Bielecki
  9. Old Things New
  10. The Pink Chandelier
This was super fun to check out, and I hope you guys find some new blogs that interest you!


DISCLAIMER: I've picked these blogs based on the amount of followers they have on Bloglovin. They may have more elsewhere, but that's okay. It's all about the fun. Besides, the ORIGINAL Leibster award actually had the cutoff at 3000 followers. :)

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  1. I'm so glad you did this and had fun with it and thanks for the kind words! :) I really enjoyed reading your answers. I was a bit obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley so I hear ya there and I love your advice too! Feel free to stop by for healthy food and exercise ideas! Great questions too, I have no clue how I'd pick just one book!


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