5 Reasons Why I'm Excited for New Girl

16 September 2013

As most of you know, I'm a bit of a fan of lists, and this week marks the premiere of New Girl's third season. If you have't seen the show, shame on you! Go watch it now!! The first season is available on Netflix, and the second season will be available to watch as of tomorrow! So go get on that!

Hey, even if you have seen it, head on over and watch last season's finale in preparation for the premiere tomorrow night (which is 9pm on FOX by the way).

Anyways, here are Five Reasons Why I'm Excited for New Girl, with the help of my favourite New Girl gifs:

1.  Schmidt.

One of my favourite things about New Girl are "Schmidtisms". "Schmidtisms" are lines and words that Shmidt has said over the past two seasons that have made him worthy of the "Douche Bag Jar. Like when Schmidt got Nick all dressed up for his date with Jess, and told him that when his date complimented him on his suit he needed to say, "I'm wearing Schmidt". 

2. Jess just gets me.

Out of all the shows I watch, and have ever watched, (which is heaps) I've never actually had a character get me. Anything she says sounds like it's come directly from my head and out of her mouth. And to be honest, I've exhausted all of my New Girl quotes from Seasons 1&2, and I need new material.

3. Hannah Simone is a Canuck!

Okay, I love Cece, she is incredibly loyal to her best friend, Jess, is hilarious, and has won the heart of Shmidt. But even more, I love Hannah Simone, the actress who plays her. She is from Toronto, and as if that isn't enough, she is also an alumni from my university, which makes me feel like I know her personally. I mean, we practically went to school together.

4. Nick Miller.

Okay, so he's a bit of an odd ball (um, same), he has a lousy job, is bad with his money, and is normally grumpier than the grumpy cat. But, he's just so adorable. Plus, this:

5. Jess & Nick. Sigh.

'Nuff said.

So, will you guys be watching New Girl tomorrow night? Let me know!


  1. I love New Girl and thus all of your reasons for being excited about it. It brings a fresh set of laughter to the world that I just adore. :)

    1. It is quite amazing. I've gotten almost all of my friends into the show! I haven't met a person you has seen it, and not loved it!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this show!!! You and I must be pretty similar b/c I think the character Jess IS me in a lot of ways! haha

    This show is seriously so incredibly wonderful! :)

    Thanks so much for this fun post and for reminding me to rewatch episodes (like I don't do that already, haha)

  3. I LOVE New Girl!
    Nice post
    It would be super cool if you could check out my blog :)


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