Conversations with my roommate

13 September 2013

I've had roommates before, some of which I had not known prior to moving in with them, and some I was actually very good friends with. My current roommate, who made the move the the big city with me is Jess. She is one of my closest friends, and until recently, I had no idea how funny she could actually be.

Jess & me in Florida a couple years ago.
Which brings me to this post. I'm thinking of having a themed post called, "Conversations with my roommate". Just quick little quips that have stuck out in my mind that week, or that months. I'm not sure how often I'll post them (it all really depends on how funny I find Jess, hah).

This all transpired when Jess said something last night while we were watching Rookie Blue that I just could not keep to myself:

Jess: What does rolling a fatty mean?
Me: It means to roll a joint.
J: Oh.
K: Why?
J: I only know the term as a nurse, which means to literally roll a fat person.

In case you didn't guess, Jess is a nursing student, and after she said that last remark I spent the next five minutes with my head between my legs trying to catch a breath in between cackles. It was completely random; I mean, why was she thinking about it? Who knows, but I had a good laugh, and I hope you guys did too!

Happy Friday!


  1. LOL I thought it was really about rolling a fatty . I gotta be with her ;)

    1. Right? What's funny is that she said this completely out of the blue, like she had been thinking about it for a while!


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