Kickin' It Old School

26 September 2013

I have seen many a "Trowback Thursday" hashtag and I have to admit, I have participated in a few of those from time to time, but today I wanted to share with you guys something a little different. A little bit of the old school Kate...

Old school Kate took glamour shots with her smokin' hot mama!

She also had the cutest little elf ears and button nose...

As a child, Kate was always ready to take a picture, even when her cousins weren't.

Kate was also Peter Pan. She befriended Captain Hook for some time, but the relationship went sour when Hook tried to steal her Halloween candy. Blasted Pirates.

Kate was very into school sports. She organized her high school's annual hockey tournament against her high school's rival school. Her school won. Naturally.

Kate used to spend her spare time riding tricycles in Walmart as a brunette (she still does this, but she had to change her hair colour to avoid getting noticed).

 Finally, Kate also used to have short hair and a spray tan.

ALSO! Guys, Starting October 1st I'll be doing something very exciting! I'm going to be blogging every single day in October! If you guys are interested in joining me, let me know so I can check out your blogs!

And if you would like to join, go ahead and add this snazzy button to your posts so I can find out who all participating!

Odd One Out

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  1. haha great post, throwback thursday's always interesting if you're nosy like me :)



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