My cat is part of the feline mafia. True story.

24 September 2013

I love my cat dearly. Before I had Leia, I wasn't a cat person. I was a full-fledged "dogs rule, cats drool" gal until one day I saw her furry face looking at me with those cute little green eyes and I was smitten (with a kitten).

One of the reasons I adore Leia so is because of her hilarious personality. I mean, she's a dog. Like, drinks out of the toilet, plays catch, and barks, dog. She also pants, which I never knew was possible for cats until I saw Leia doing it. She is so kind and loves people though, which, as a dog person, I didn't think was possible. She loves to snuggle, and will try and give you kisses, and believe you me, if you don't accept them, she'll force them on you.
Said cute little green eyes.
Here's the thing though; like most cats, Leia can get a little temper mental. If I leave her alone for too long, didn't pay enough attention to her that day, or simply just left the house without saying goodbye, she does this little thing to let me know she's mad. And by little I mean completely disgusting, so readers beware. What Leia does, is she force-feeds herself to the point where she throws up whole food. And where she throws up the food let's you know just how mad she is. My roommate Jess is just learning to live with Leia, and yesterday morning she had her first puke experience...

Jess was getting ready to go to class in the morning and was rushing around getting all of her things sorted out before she left. Leia, seeing a perfect candidate for attention (and possible meal ticket) had been following her around the apartment like a little ninja (in that Jess hadn't seen her coming). Somewhere in between brewing coffee and grabbing an afternoon granola snack, Jess had accidentally locked Leia in the pantry and left for class. Twenty minutes later I was woken up by the sound of a cat in distress. My first thought of course was, "gosh, these stupid neighbours need to spay their cat", to which I was then almost immediately met with loud banging noises; at that moment I was certain someone was trying to break into my apartment. I slowly rose out of bed (to see what was the matter) and with my expert deductive reasoning skills resolved that the noise was neither a cat in heat, nor a robber, but poor Leia stuck in the closet.

Fast forward to yesterday evening after Jess and I had left to go to Rach's baby shower. Before I had left, I had fed Leia dinner and peaced out. We got back rather late so Jess and I headed straight to bed, but before I even had a chance to get in Jess burst into laughter and yelled at me to come to her room. What I saw next shocked and appalled me (viewer discretion advised).

Leia had not only thrown up her whole food on Jess' window ledge to inform her that she was indeed very mad that Jess had so thoughtlessly locked her in the pantry, but just in case it wasn't clear that it was Jess on her hit list, she decided to throw it all up in the shape of a "J'. 

I kid you not.
The evidence Jess took, and then posted on Facebook as proof.
It was at that very moment that I was certain my little Princess Leia (or Hima-Leia as I affectionately call her) was part of the feline mafia. Whisker-face. God-kitty. She made her mark, and she made it clear.

True story.

Jess had better sleep with one eye open from now on...


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