Thoughts on iOS7

20 September 2013

Okay, so I've given it enough time to sink in, and I think now's a good time to discuss the new iOS update.

By no means am I an expert on this kind of stuff, but I'm a consumer, so I think it's okay that I sort of "review" this new update.

First things first, the actual update itself took forever! Now I know a lot of people were all updating at one time, but I kept getting error after error. Finally, I was able to download the thing!

It took literally 3 hours, not 40 minutes like it said. Then once I had it downloaded, it kept me from installing for another hour. Hah.

So there's that. Anyway, now onto the fun stuff! There are a lot of new things about iOS 7, but I've picked out a few of my favourite (or least favourite parts).

First, the lock screen. It's a whole new style, and I really like it. I've never put a code on my phone because I didn't like having to type it in every time. Now however, I kind of like it. That's also me being totally fabulous at my friend Rach's wedding (I was the Maid of Honour, booyah!)

Next is the home screen! New icons, which are very sharp and snazzy. Even a cool new dock with lots of multi-tasking tools. Plus it comes with a nifty flashlight tool (about time, Apple). You can access the tool by just swiping up from the dock.

One of my favourite new things on the update was Photos app. Aside from the cool new icon, they have organized the photos through "Years", "Collections", and "Moments". It's like seeing a picture board of all your adventures!

Also, I'm totally loving the new weather app.

Something I'm not too keen about though is the calendar. I liked the colour coding that was on it before, and it just looks a little plain. The daily schedules are similar. Not great, but not horrible.

Another thing I'm not so sure I like, (likely because it's new and I'm like an old person when it comes to things changing) is the new keyboard. It's very modern and sleek, but I'm blind as a bat and I have a hard time reading the fonts (and the messages). Also Jess and I have created nicknames for a variety of people in our contacts using Emoji's. Hers is Mail Pig.

Some other features I find pretty cool are the multi-page tool in Safari, and the new Music app. PLUS all of my music is stored through AirStream, so I have a ton of extra space. Woo!

How many of you guys upgraded to the iOS7? I'm curious to know your thoughts on the new update, and if you've found any cool new things!


  1. Evrybody is talking about IOS7 and I'm playing games on my Samsung Galaxy, feeling super lonely :D
    PS: Noor told me about you girl! Hiiiii ;)

    1. You know what they say, "once you go Mac, you never go back!"

      And welcome! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. I'm scared to update. Did you lose anything??

    1. Don't be! I didn't lose anything. I definitely suggest backing your phone up though before you do it.

      When you've updated it, let me know what you think!

  3. I hate the new look of messages . TOO plain but Apple knows better , haha.


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