Who Has Two Thumbs And Fell Asleep Within The First 25 Minutes of The Oscars?

03 March 2014

I had every intention of watching the Oscars, I did. If I wasn't going to watch it live, I told myself I would at least PVR it so I could write this witty, funny, recap of the evening. Those plans were short-lived when I not only fell asleep right after Pharrell Williams' hat performed "Happy", but also forgot to hit the record button. Thus leaving me completely Oscar-less. I literally have no idea who won what. Which makes for a pretty boring blog entry.

So instead I figured since I've got some new readers out there as of recently, I would tell you five random facts about myself.

1. I sing literally everything. Looking for food in the fridge? Singing about it. Can't find my sock's mate? Singing about it. The list of people I have irritated because of it is pretty long.

2. More than anything in the world, I'd love to play music and travel.

3. When I'm in an uncomfortable situation I start to motion my hands awkwardly, and tell horrible jokes that literally make no sense.

4. I want to be everyone's friend. How weird is that? I actually have this need to connect with everyone I meet and be friends with them, and I get seriously offended when someone doesn't like me.

5. I procrastinate so hard, and having this blog is helping me plan things and follow through better.

It's your turn!! I want to know about you guys, so leave a comment below with some random facts about yourself!

Want to know more about me?

 Peace Out, Kate
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  1. I want to be everyone's friend too. It's bad though. I'll see someone on the subway who has really good style and I'll think to myself, "I want to be friend's with her." But, I realise how creepy it would be to start a conversation with a random person on the subway, so I don't say a word.

  2. I sing everything. Seriously, I have done it for a long time and just can't help myself. So we are soulmates, obvs.

  3. I need to friends with everyone too and I can definitely be caught signing more often than not. ;)


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