Jumping Into Cold Pools

20 March 2014

A friend of mine used to have a closing line and on one of his shirts he had the saying, "Jump Into Cold Pools". What it basically meant was to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. On June 7 (the day before my birthday, YAY) I am jumping into a cold pool. Figuratively, not literally.

I tweeted the other day that I wanted to participate in one of those marathons where they throw the coloured corn starch at you. It's called Run or Dye and yesterday, I made it official. I'm running a 5K colour race!
Now I'm a far cry from an athlete. Heck, I'm a far cry from athletic. The most athletic thing I do all day is the trek I take from my room the the fridge and back, but I'm turning over a new leaf. I want to try new things, and make lasting memories! I've rounded up some of my closest friends and we're all going as a birthday celebration for me. What a way to ring in 25!

The race is also being held in an area of Toronto that I am told has an incredible view of the city, and is a place I've never been before, so I'll be knocking some things off of The List! I'm really excited and couldn't wait to tell you guys!

The marathon celebrates friends and family, and isn't competitive so it's great to bring all ages, sizes, and shapes and have fun! Heck, you don't even have to run (but I will be!). I want to encourage you that if you want to try something like this, so it! And if you're in Toronto, come join me!!

Just visit RunorDye.com to find your location and register!

Thanks so much for your support and excitement, I can't wait!

 Peace Out, Kate
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  1. Good for you! I love to run, but after having a baby three years ago, I never really got back into the exercising boat, so I'm terrified of trying a 5K. But me and my bff are gonna sign up for a color run in October for her birthday! It'll be scary, but I'm so excited too!!

  2. Congrats that is so amazing! What a great way to celebrate 25!

    I am pre-registered for two(Kelowna and Vancouver) Run or Dye runs this year. Unfortunately, the don't have dates yet in my area. So, hopefully at least one of the dates if not both will work out for me.

  3. Hey there :) I just stumbled across your blog and love it! Congrats on registering for the Run or Dye 5K. That's on my bucket list too.

  4. It's called The Color Run out here; I did it last summer. It was one of the funnest things I've ever done!!

  5. Oh my gosh I've seen people do this and I want to do it so bad!! Maybe you've inspired me!

  6. Now I'm debating if I should sign up for it too! Hmm..

  7. Good for you! You're going to have some awesome pictures!

  8. New reader here! Some of my coworkers want to do this. They are so excited. Should be fun!


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