Let's Conquer Some Fears!

11 March 2014

Is anyone else still feeling the time change? I think all the travelling I've been doing is finally catching up to me because I literally have zero energy. Anyways, last week I wrote a post about my friend Rob getting his new lungs and I shared about how passionate I am about organ donation. Not long after that post I was contacted by a man named Cameron, who's wife had been diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is a very rare form of cancer that can kill people within the first two years of diagnosis. Cameron's wife, Heather, who was given only 15 months to live, ended up having a life saving surgery which included removing one of her lungs (she's now 8 years cancer-free- yahoo!).

What Cameron, Heather, and their daughter Lily did after was pretty spectacular-- they created LungLeavin' Day which is a day that encourages people to conquer their fears. LungLeavin' Day is celebrated on February 2nd, and even though that day has come and gone, I am still inspired by this story.

I'm inspired for two reasons. The first being of course that one day, Heather may need a new lung, and they only way that's going to happen is if someone donates that to her. Like I expressed last week, donating your organ can be such an amazing gift to someone who, without your help, may not live. The second reason is because I love encouraging people to conquer their fears.
I formed this blog purely because I wanted to fulfill goals that I had long been afraid of accomplishing, and I wanted to record it for others to be encouraged, and for myself to be encouraged. Heck, this blog alone has helped me conquer fears like moving to Toronto, going back to school, and even meeting new people. I've been so fortunate to build relationships with people through this forum, and I'm so excited to build more, and that would not have happened had I not decided to take a leap of faith and conquer some fears.

In fact, this week I'm going to conquer another one of my fears (and bump off goal number 4 on The List) and go somewhere I've never been. I'm not going to plan it, I'm just going to go. Don't worry, I'll bring you guys along with me!

I encourage you guys to visit LungLeavin' Day's interactive website to see how you can conquer your fears, and let me know how you did.

I really do appreciate you all, and I thank you for supporting me each and every single day.

Thanks again to Cameron and Heather for letting me be a part of this with them!

 Peace Out, Kate
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  1. Couldn't agree more on organ donation. Such an amazing thing to do. And yay for going to new places!! One of my biggest summer goals is to hike and camp in new places. . .now if only spring and summer would get here.

  2. Woah! Sorry I haven't been here a while. I looooove the new look! Even though you've probably had it for a good while! Eeek sorry hun! I really seem to have just lost my passion for blogging and all things related recently. Fingers crossed I can get it back!

    Meanwhile... where are you going???

  3. This is one of my favorite quotes ever...I have it written down where I can see it daily, because it's so inspiring!

  4. I am an organ donor and I love the thought of the amazing things it can do!!

    I can't wait to see where you end up! I'm such a planner that picking up and going without planning would literally be death. I totally admire you for doing it, and will gladly live vicariously. :)

  5. Love this concept! I've been a card-carrying organ donor since I got my driver's license.Can't wait to see where you wind up on your fear-conquering adventure!


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