Guest Post with Caroline of Everybody Behave Naturally

18 March 2014

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you're all fully recovered from any St. Patrick's Day festivities! Today's post is really exciting because it's my very first guest post! Yahoo! I'd like to introduce to to Caroline Gant. Caroline runs Everybody Behave Naturally and she was one of my very first blogger friends! She's super funny, and identifies with Liz Lemon and Jessica Day, which you know, we can all relate to. I asked Caroline a few questions and today she's answering them. Go and head over to her blog to get to know her a little bit more!
1. Tell me a little bit about about your blog!
Everybody Behave Naturally is a little blog about an awkward twenty-something. I even decided that I have a tagline: Sometimes I’m funny but most of the time I’m just awkward. And that’s what my blog consists of….the world of awkward like you have never experienced it before. I also enjoy sharing unimportant parts or exciting moments in my life, or whatever the heck decides to pop into my head. It’s a party over at Everybody Behave Naturally.  It’s a party for your reading abilities!
2. Here on Odd One Out, I share about The List. Do you have any bucket list-type goals? 
Some goals that I have on my bucket list would most definitely involve traveling. I want to go on a huge road trip, and along the way go visit the cheesy roadside tourist traps. You know those places that have the worlds largest something or another? I want to go see it. Another goal would definitely be to take up hiking. I have wanted to take up hiking for about a year now and I live in the south part of the US where there ain’t a lot of mountains. At least not real close to me. And something that is the highest part of my bucket list is the fact that I want have a family one day. That’s is my DREAAAAAAM.
3. It’s March, and that means spring break! What is something that you’ll be doing (or have done) during your time off?
I have unfortunately already had my spring break. I spent it staying out way later than I should have, with my friends. And waited tables. It’s a supah fun combination. ☺

 Thanks to Caroline for sharing today! Go check her out on Everybody Behave Naturally and go follow her on Twitter, @CtotheOLINE.

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 Peace Out, Kate
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  1. Annnnnd following along now. Yay for new blogs to read!!


  3. I can absolutely relate to Liz Lemon and Jessica Day, particularly Lemon's love of cheese and Day's musical narration of her life. Oh yes I can.


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