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25 March 2014

First of all, you guys are so amazing! I received so much support after Friday's post, and it really pumps me up to have you guys encouraging me! I definitely needed it! I tell ya, working five days a week and trying to fit in two major papers on top of getting a never ending cold is exhausting and so stressful. This is what my life is like right now and it's awful.

I'm writing this post partially to give you a heads up that I may or may not be MIA for a few days this week as I finish out my papers from hell, and also because I'm the queen of procrastination and I just want to write anything other than my paper. Seriously, I'm writing this post on Monday night, and as we speak I'm watching How I Met Your Mother and scrolling through Tumblr.

What is it with procrastination anyways? Why is it as soon as we need to sit down and focus we suddenly remember fifty million things, and have the desire to clean the house from top to bottom (even vacuum the corners of the floor).
Earlier I was searching through my iTunes to try and find a good jam to start of my writing, and it turned into me Youtube-ing karaoke versions of Pharrell Williams' "Happy".
I'll just be glad when these papers are done. And while we're talking about things being done, I'll be even HAPPIER when this stupid winter is over. Seriously, do we live in Westeros?
Tootlepip! Wish me luck on these awful papers!

 Peace Out, Kate
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  1. Good luck! There's nothing like the feeling of being completely done with papers!! Even better are the naps that follow! ;)

  2. I feel your pain as far as the weather goes. Here in Boston, winter is always coming D: Good luck with your papers!

  3. I'm such a procrastinator. Love the gifs!


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