I'm Free and Fresh!

31 March 2014

Let me tell you something, if you are a student who works and who also has the time, and creative power to write a blog on a daily basis-- I have mad respect for you. Last week was rough for me, and it was great getting so much support from y'all, but I've miss you! I'm finally out of the Fire Swamp that is final papers, and free to write about things that don't give me hernias. Metaphorically speaking.

I celebrated my new freedom Friday by going to this vegetarian/ vegan restaurant here in the city. I had never heard of it before, and I am no vegetarian, but my friend recommended it and said it was amazing and since I'll eat practically anything, I went and met up with her. 

The restaurant in question is called Fresh. Forgive me now, because I am partially a bad blogger and also because I was so hungry I could have eaten my left hand, but I failed to take any pictures, so I've stolen these wonderful images off of the Fresh website. 
That's what the little place looks like at the location I went to on Spadina. There are four of them across the city, all listed on their website.

It's a nice-sized place, but is often very busy (it has a great reputation). The seating is a little cozy-- my butt nearly knocked over my neighbour's glass of water trying to squeeze into my booth. And of course, because it is busy it does get a little loud, but I didn't mind that.

They also have a very large menu, which I loved! There was so much to choose from and it all sounded so yummy! They had salads, fresh bowls, pastas, wraps, juices and so much more! I ordered the delicious soup of the day, which was a barley-based soup with a small salad and some corn bread. It looked a little something like this...

The service was fantastic-- our server was very kind, offered helpful suggestions to the newbie at the table, and the food came out very quickly. I didn't feel rushed to eat and get out (which often happens in busy restaurants in the city) and literally could have reordered my meal and ate it again (not because it didn't satisfy my hunger, but because it was just so. dang. good.)

Wanna hear something even cooler? The folks at Fresh have also published a number of cookbooks! So if you go and end up loving some of the delicious vegetarian dishes, you can go home and try your luck at making it yourself!

I would definitely recommend anyone who lives in the city, or plans on visiting to check this place out, it's super yummy--even if you love you'r meat.


Here's something cool that's happening! I'm participating in a giveaway this month hosted by Christine at Life With A Side Of Coffee!

 Peace Out, Kate
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  1. Balancing work/school/life is never easy! I attended my undergraduate and graduate programs full-time, while working full-time, and it definitely was difficult. Kudos for getting through a hell week, and what an awesome way to treat yourself :)

  2. seriously balancing life and blog is so hard. i don't understand how some people do it!! but sounds like you are rocking it!

  3. That food looks so good! I'm with you..balancing real life and blogging is a constant struggle for me!

  4. How did I not know about Earth Hour?! I feel like a horrible person!

  5. Looks delish! Finding new yummy places is the best!

  6. SAying hi! Visiting from LIfe with a Side of Coffee.

  7. I don't normally like veggies, but sounds yum! :)

  8. I hope you're doing tons of awesome real life things to write about because I keep checking back hoping you've written about this huge adventure that is keeping you occupied!!! (ignore that huge run-on thought) I hope it's not all papers and school!!! Of course, if it is, I completely understand. Haha

  9. COME BACK TO BLOGGING. i miss you.

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