14 March 2014

Yesterday I read a blog post by Whitney that really resonated with me. She said (among other amazing things): If you can't love yourself, why should anyone else?

Look out folks, it like we're going camping on Odd One Out, because we're about to get intense!

I really love what Whitney is encouraging with #projectselflove so I'm hopping on board by dedicating this post to the project. If you head on over to I Wore Yoga Pants and read her post, she shared about how we are so quick to love the things we don't have, but very often we neglect loving what we already have. So today, I'm lovin' on myself.

I love myself. Yes, sometime I get acne, and I am a little bit fat, but I do love the way I am.
I love that I am loyal.

I love my sense of humour (be it ever so cheesy).

I love how I can find the positive in everything.

I love the colour of my eyes-- green with a little blue.

I love my smile, and I love even more that I got it without the help of braces.

I love that I have a musical ability.

I'm quirky, a little naive, completely unskilled in anything athletic, a bit of a neat-freak, totally unorganized, and just a little bit neurotic. But I love it.

I love myself.

 Peace Out, Kate
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  1. Both of you have such great posts featuring your self love. It's wonderful to witness :)

  2. Aw love this! I'm jealous of your musical ability :)

  3. You're awesome! End of story!

  4. Yes, girl! You are so beautiful!

  5. Yay for self love! We have to take time to see the best in ourselves and take time to better ourselves... So important!

  6. Self love is so important. Love this post!

  7. This is such a great post! I love your eyes too - mine are the same colour. So basically, we're awesome.

  8. This is so important. Must love yourself before you can love anyone else. Too often many of us are always down on ourselves and negative. Glad you know you are special!


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