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03 February 2014

Graphic novels.

The first word that comes to mind when I say that is "nerd". And while I'm all for embracing my inner nerd, the kind of nerd that I always think of is the pretentious know-it-all that couldn't possibly fathom the thought of a girl being into graphic novels unless it were for a boy, or to look super "cool". Am I wrong?

Regardless, I've taken a bit of an interest to graphic novels as of late. Y'all know I love to read, so it only felt right to expand my literary bubble to something more than just words on a page (though I do love those words dearly). I've never read a graphic novel before, though I've spend many an afternoon as a kid devouring comic books, but they aren't quite the same.

"They aren't?" you might be saying. Not quite. A comic book is essentially a magazine. It have a number of volumes, and is released on a regular time schedule, consisting of only short stories that usually continue on with each volume (so you wouldn't necessarily find out if Spiderman caught the green goblin by the end of that comic, you'd have to wait for the next issue to see what happens next) while a graphic novel is essentially exactly how it sounds. It is a full story with a beginning, middle, and end, paired with illustrations that are commonly seen in comic books. That of course isn't to say that a graphic novel can't continue in a series.

Being that I've never read a graphic novel before, the graphic novel I've chosen to take my graphic novel virginity is...
I'm about 1/4 through it, and I'm already making lists of all the other ones I want to read...

I never thought I'd be the type of person that would like graphic novels, but I really dig them.

Have you guys read any graphic novels? What are your thoughts on them?

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 Peace Out, Kate


  1. I bet the fiance would love that graphic novel.

    I've only read a handful of graphic novels. My favourite has got to be Pride of Baghdad.You should check it out if you haven't heard of it. It's about a pride of lions that escape the zoo in Baghdad and try to survive. There's a bit (or a lot) of symbolism regarding the Iraq war. It's beautifully drawn

  2. I haven't read any graphic novels, but I just had to comment because it reminded me of my son. He's almost 10 & he's currently reading The Dark Knight Rises the novel. He is obsessed with Batman! I know it might be a little "mature" for him, but he loves it and he's halfway through it & loving it. I may have to read one of these...

  3. k so Goodreads is the SHIZ! I just won 2 books from the giveaway section :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. So, I'd like to take credit for this. Also YES, I did stalk you all the way to your blog, which is stellar by the way. I'm a creep but that's alright because you can tell me all about it when you see me face-to-face. (You know how much I love that face) One more thing, read Batman Year One next. I think that 's all I have to say.


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