5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck's Still Got It.

19 February 2014

Last night while I was repressing the urge to punch my super in the face... I was also flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a little gem on AMC... Ben Affleck circa 2001. Also known as Pearl Harbour. I mean, Josh Hartnett was a dream boat too, but dang, Ben, those eyes though...

Here's 5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck's still got it:

1. His luscious hair. Okay, so maybe he's had a little help in this department, but still. I would run my fingers through that any day!
Yup. Luscious.

2. He's totally in love with his wife. I mean, of course I'm bummed he's off limits (because we totally had a chance before). But it's actually incredible cool to see a man who's totally smitten with his wife. Little known fact: Jen was also in Pearl Harbour. Fancy that.

3. He's Batman. Even if you don't find him all that attractive (what's wrong with you?), you can't deny that his sex appeal skyrocketed by like 10898643 percent when he was announced to be the next Batman. Seriously.

4. He is actually really talented. This dude ain't no one-trick pony. Not only is he literally one of the best actors in Hollywood, he's also an award winning writer, producer and director. Whaaat?

5. That whole Jimmy Kimmel/ Matt Damon thing. It just never gets old. Especially when actually philanthropy is involved...

Keep at it, Ben! You're like a fine wine, and in another 13 years I'm sure you will be one sexy senior!


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  1. and he's a bostonian! i add that to the list! :)

  2. Totally agree with you about the hair!!

  3. The Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel, Ben Affleck relationship is literally one of my favourite ones in holiday. It never fails to make me smile- whatever shenanigans they are up to! x

  4. Yep, he definitely still has it!

  5. This makes me want to watch Pearl Harbor!! Ah I love that movie!


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