How To Enjoy Family Day

17 February 2014

Here in the Great White North (or maybe just in Ontario) it is Family Day long weekend.

Family Day long weekend? What the heck is that? Baaaasically it was a holiday created by the government because they felt we needed an extra stat holiday somewhere in between New Years and Easter. It's essentially called Family Day in the hopes that families will use this day to spend with each other. So whether today you are celebrating Family Day or not, I'm going to show you how to enjoy Family Day.

1. Prep yo'self by giving yourself an at-home haircut.
Yeah, I did that. I don't know why, and I'm now missing about four inches of my hair, but it looks pretty darn good. If I don't say so myself. Which I just did. So there.

2. Go Outside.
Or don't. Whatever.

3. Play board games. Whip out Clue or Monopoly and watch the fists fly! Nothing says loving family like a little competition, and in my family, there's always bloodshed.

4. Take a picture to commemorate the day!

Pictures or it didn't happen.

5. Eat. You've heard the expression, "there's nothing like Grandma's cooking". In my family, it's my aunt Kathleen's cooking, and her chilli is dangerous, man.

6. Watch the Winter Olympics. I'm Canadian, so it's practically sacrilege if you don't want the Winter Olympics. Our slogan this year is literally #WeAreWinter. I'm not even kidding.

Anyways, there's no better way to spend time with each other like cheering on you're country!

7. Go to a movie. So maybe you don't really like to talk to your family... go see a movie. You're guaranteed a good two and a half hours of no-talk time, and you still have the right to say you spent the afternoon together. Win-win.

8. Just don't. Don't feel like doing anything today? You'd rather just spend your extra day off laying in bed and eating? Okay, I won't judge. I mean, that's basically what I'm doing today..

I hope you guys are having a fantastic Family Day/ Monday!

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  1. two things: 1. YOUR HAIR LOOKS FREAKING AWESOME. i do at home hair cuts too! *high five*

    i get really excited about things. i just have a lot of feelings. :)

  2. We had our Family Day last weekend. Apparently, out here on the West Coast we just have to be different. Or we just couldn't wait one more week to have a day of with our family. :-) Great suggesting for stuff to do. Love the hair, great job! Oh ya and #WEAREWINTER Go Canada!

  3. I can't believe that you cut your own hair that well! You are much more brave than I am! It looks great! Amazing job! x

  4. Your hair looks great! I wish my hair looked that good after cutting it myself. Family Day was much needed!

  5. I wish we had family day. I cut my own hair too- wtg!

  6. Oh wow, how did you cut your own hair?? You should totally share your technique.

  7. The Frozen meme is hilarious!! and #GOUSA ;) Can't it just be "GONORTHAMERICA"?!?! :)
    Eva Marie


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