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31 January 2014

It's Friday and my brain is beat. I also made the halfwitted decision to work tomorrow, so I'm not sure how that's all going to go down... and so because my brain hurts, and because I'm struggling to keep my eyes open at this very moment (which happens to be at 4 o'clock in the afternoon..) I'm going to open the stream of consciousness that is my brain...

What is a bagel and shmear anyways? I went to a Jewish bakery today and I had no clue. Like, is it just another way of saying cream cheese? I opted out and just got butter.

I'm reading Fangirl at the moment for a book club I'm a part of at work. It's pretty decent. I'm reading the ebook version though, so I have no way of physically determining how far I am into the book. I thought I was maybe half way through last week and after typing it into Goodreads, I found that I was only about a quarter through... another point for "real books".

What was up with Lorde's fingers at the Grammy's? Seriously, I've been sitting on this one all week. I know it's supposed to be like, Haute Couture or something, but it seriously just looks like how my fingers look after I've changed the ink cartridge at work..

There's this guy at work who generally keeps to himself and is very quiet. Even when we are all chilling out in the office he usually has headphones in. Anyways, this morning we were all looking at a memo about a new product we're getting in a few months and I made a (rather humorous) comment about it and he burst out laughing. I was so shocked. Not because he laughed, because I mean, I'm hilarious, but because I didn't realize he could hear me with his headphones in. So instead of being a normal human being and being all "wow, that's cool how he finally joined in on the conversation" I immediately thought, "how many other times has he heard what I'd said while he pretended to not listen, and quietly judged me". Important things, I think.

I can't get enough of listening to Frozen. I haven't even seen the freaking movie and I'm obsessed with the soundtrack. I've maybe sang the karaoke version of "Let It Go" like 15 times. Today.

Book of Mormon is coming to Toronto! Tickets are like, 5793247 dollars. I must go.

Has anyone else seen TFiOS trailer? I can't even explain how psyched I am for this movie. Also I may or may not have weeped got a little misty eyed at the, "Okay? Okay." Gaaaah go watch it now if you haven't seen the trailer.

Pitch Perfect 2 has a release date?! I better start tweeting Rebel like carayzay if I want to get in this bidness, because I'm like, a super amazing singer/ actress...

I really don't want to get up early tomorrow...

What are you crazy people up to this weekend?

ALSO! Everybody go say what up to my new friend Chelsea from The Girl Who Loved To Write, who's just joined the side bar! Heyo! And if you've made your way over here from Chelsea's blog, welcome to the madness that is Kate. 

 Peace Out, Kate

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