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20 January 2014

I love pranks.

I love playing pranks, I love being pranked (as long as it's all in good fun and no one gets hurt). So when my roommate, Jess was gone last month, I took this as an opportunity to play a little welcome home prank.

As you might remember, both Jess and I aren't originally from Toronto, so in December, Jess went back home and didn't return until the beginning of January.

I figured since she'd been gone so long, she deserved a thoughtful welcome home present. I had tons of left-over wrapping paper from Christmas, (most of which was wrinkled from last year and wouldn't be nice to use again) I figured I could put it to good use.

And boy, did I...

Took me a good two hours but I managed to wrap almost everything in her room, and the only reason why everything isn't wrapped is because I ran out of paper (I had 5 rolls).

It was pretty fantastic.

 Peace Out, Kate


  1. Ha! This is adorable. I always get freaked out watching prank shows. I hate any pranks that could scare or injure someone (or cause them to flip out and injure someone else) or that are really humiliating, but this kind of nonsense I am totally on board with. I'd laugh like a fiend if I came home to discover this!

  2. I had a bunch of girl friends in college saran wrap my entire room. And I mean entire. Down to every little piece of make up in my make up bag to every tiny sock in my roommate's closet. It was hilarious!

  3. Hahaha I wonder how she'll get you back! Can't wait to see it :P


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