The Tenors

25 February 2013

Two blog posts in one day? Crazy! I normally wouldn't blog so often, but the main purpose of this blog was for me to record my life during 2013, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.

I'm Canadian, in case you haven't gotten that, and tonight I went and saw a Canadian group called The Tenors. If you've never heard them, go on YouTube right now and listen to them. Then once you've fallen in love with their voices, go buy their album.

Anyways, it was such an incredible concert, and I wanted to catalogue it I guess so I could look back and remember how much I enjoyed it. They sang classics like Make You Feel My Love, and Hallelujah, as well as some of their own original music. They also brought the house down with a tear-jerking performance of Bring Me Home from Les Miserable (I know, right?) and Nessun Dorma. I honestly had goosebumps the whole evening.

That about says it. Definitely go check out The Tenors, they are so amazing.

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