The Oscars

25 February 2013

It happened. Anne Hathaway said it best in her speech referring to her winning the coveted award for best actress in a supporting role. I of course am referring to the ceremony in general. What I seem to forget each year, (mostly because this is the first year I have ever sat down to watch the full award ceremony) is how long it goes. The funny thing is, I didn't find myself checking the clock every ten minutes to see when it would end. This is the first time in Oscar history that I've actually been interested in seeing who won, and had an opinion about everyone who did (I loved Les Mis and all, but the Hobbit should have won best hair and makeup).

In addition to the fact that I enjoyed the Oscars purely because I actually have a goal of watching all the movies nominated, (and am almost half-way through) I was pleasantly surprised by the host this year, Seth MacFarlane. While I've never been a fan of Family Guy, or any other of Seth's shows, I did watch Ted as part of my Oscar goal, and so I had an expectation as to what I'd see Seth do as host. My expectations were met with a rather charming, and talented man. His jokes weren't too off kilter, and I was flabbergasted by his professionally trained singing. I must say, I've developed a bit of a crush.

Apart from Seth's singing, all of the other musical performance were outstanding! The Oscar's this year had a theme: musicals. Both James Bond performances provided goosebumps, (Adele won best song, so I'd expect nothing less) but my favourite musical performance had to be the wonderful mashup of Chicago, Dream Girls, and Les Miserables. Catherine Zeta Jones personified Velma Kelly perfectly, just as if she had starred in the movie this year. Jennifer Hudson made every eye water with her performance of "And I am telling you I'm not going", but when the cast of Les Miserables came out, I couldn't contain myself. As I said in my review earlier this year, Les Mis was fantastically put together with a very talented cast of performers, and I was in awe with how fantastic each actor sang their part in the ensemble.

A few other highlights of the night:

- Reese Witherspoon's dress was DIVINE.
- Playing the "JAWS" theme if a speech was going to long. Hilarious.
- Paperman won best animated digital short, yay!
- Adele's emotional win for Best Original Song.
- Daniel Day-Lewis' acceptance speech was so lovely, a well deserved win.
- Jennifer Lawrence falls up the stairs (something I would most certainly have done) and then recovering well by saying, "you're all just standing up because I fell and that's embarassing"
- Argo winning best movie. Ben Afleck was so grateful, and inspiring in his speech. And nothing says "haha" for getting a Best Director snub than winning best movie. Perfect.

There is so much more I could gush about, I mean, the Oscars were like, 5 years long. But these were just the highlights that stood out to me.

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