I can see clearly now...

24 February 2013

I've had glasses since I started college in 2010, but I've always been one of those deviant glasses-wearers that only starts wearing their glasses when they start getting tension-headaches. It would always just slip my mind to wear them; I'd forget to put them on when I woke up, or bring them to class. To be completely honest, I just didn't like the way I looked in glasses either, so I just wouldn't wear them.

Anyways, this defiance towards glasses has predictably worsened my sight to the point where it was time to upgrade the prescription and get a new pair-o'-glasses. Yesterday was the day to upgrade.

I have to say, getting my eyes checked was a lot more fun than the last time, my optometrist retired and I was forced to find a new eye doc. Man, am I glad I did! There's nothing better than have an attractive young doctor (with the dreamiest blue eyes) look into your eyes and tell you, "you have really nice eyes". I mean, he could have been referring to the overall health of my eyes being nice, but I'd prefer to think he was referring to my beautiful green peepers.

The overall selecting of the frames is a bit of an anxious-stirring thing, don't you think? I mean, I just kept thinking, these are the glasses I'll be stuck with for at least another year, so pick a pair that you like. This time around, I'm wearing these suckers all the time so I don't reduce myself to blindness. It took me a good hour to select the pair that I ended up with, and only with the help of a friend, and two of the assistants at the office. But overall, I think I chose a great pair!

I took this just as I was leaving the office, obviously super excited about my new specs, (they are Ray Ban 5228 5043 for those wondering). I thought I'd go for something fun, because if I'm going to wear glasses, they might at well make a statement.

Let's see how long I manage to wear these on a regular basis, shall we?

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