Odd Numbers

06 January 2013

I like odd numbers. I don't know why, but I do. When someone asks me to "pick a number between one and 10", I always choose an odd number. The volume on my TV always sounds just perfect when it's sitting at 7, and even now I'm trying to think of another example to write, just so I could have three.

You see, I have a strange connection to odd numbers. I was born in 1989, and odd number, I was 15 when a very crucial and life changing event occurred in my life, that being my mother passing away, and I am an only child. Perhaps I feel connected to odd numbers, because I feel a lot like the "odd one out" in most situations, (third-wheels, unite!). Regardless, I think my connection to odd numbers is why 2013 is such a crucial year for me. You see, I'm 23 years old (another odd number) and I feel like my whole life I've been playing the safe card. I've never taken risks, or really done something that makes me so nervous I could throw up. Why someone would want to feel that way is beyond me, but darn-it, I want to feel that way! I want incredible memories of, "I can't believe I did that!" instead of, "I wonder if..."

2013, this is it. The year I want to take risks, try new things, experience new things. So, I've made a list of goals. I'm going to call them goals because everyone knows that when you make "New Years resolutions" no one ever sticks to them. These goals are going to consist of a variety of different things, from little things like trying to finish reading all of my unread books (I have about 15), to big things like moving out of my boring city into a completely new place. The first thing on this list was create a blog.

I'm choosing to write this blog for my own accountability, mostly. But also in the hopes that if anyone does stumble upon it, they would be inspired to take some risks of their own, and share their stories with me. So please, share them! I need encouragement too!

So, if anyone is out there reading this, stay tuned. If not, I can't wait to share my year with myself, because even though I'm just a 23 year old odd girl from Canada, I know this year is going to be big.

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