23 September 2013

I'm going to be an aunt! Did I ever tell you guys that? 'Cause I'm super excited about it and can't wait for the little guy to get here!

Something I've never talked about it that I'm actually an only child, so I'll never actually be an aunt in the biological sense, but I do have some really close girlfriends, (4 to be exact). One I live with, and the other three's eggo's are preggo. Not Jess though. Thank goodness.

My best friend Rach (or Ray as I call her) is about to pop so tonight we are throwing her a very exciting baby showing (appropriately themed, "About To Pop"). Literally everything is a play-on-words for "pop". For example we are serving cake pops, Popeye's candy sticks, pop rocks, etc. It's pretty cool. I wish I could take credit for the idea but it totally wasn't.

Anyways, in celebration of the amazing little baby boy that is about to grace us with his presence, I'm posting some of my favourite bad baby pictures found on Awkward Family Photos.

Enjoy the laugh and have a great Tuesday!!


  1. Ahh! Babies are my favorite...I cant get enough. Love the one on the horse in the cowboy hat. Looks almost like my niece. I was so excited when she was born. I'm an only child too so being able to be an aunt finally was excited. There's nothing like it. You really dont know how much you can love them until they are in your arms :)

    Love your blog!

    1. Yeah! Only children unite!

      Thanks for stopping by as well!

  2. haha these photos are awesome! The first baby has SO much hair wow! LOL xo

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